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A reflector graphic chart is produced showing a limited number of light beams from the light source to the reflector plus the corresponding reflected light beams. This is true both for a point light source and one of finite extension.

The light beams presented are considered to be typical of the totality of light beams emitted.

There is a lamp list containing a large number of standard lamp types that can be freely inserted in the reflector.

It is equally possible to focus the lamp. The change in radiation angle is immediately visible in the graph.

In order to better judge the course of the beams within the reflector or at a sizable distance from the reflector it is possible to change the desired scale of presentation or the distance from the illuminated surface by means of the ZOOM function.

Direct light beams from the light source not reflected by the reflector can be presented optionally.

The reflector graphic can be saved and printed out.

In the following part of this page you see six examples of reflector-graphics, which were calculated by AIMLIGHT®. If you want to see a magnification of an image, please click on it once with with the left mouse button. A new window will be opened where you can see the image in real size.

Please click for real scale Please click for real scale
Please click for real scale Please click for real scale
Please click for real scale Please click for real scale

For more screenshots please visit this page.

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