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AIMLIGHT® combines reflector design and photometric analysis.

It is the purpose of
AIMLIGHT® to make reflector design and reflector analysis as simple as possible, making the calculation program a valuable tool for the designer of lighting systems.

A calculation method has been developed for
AIMLIGHT® that allows to predetermine the light intensity distribution of the reflectors calculated.

For every reflector design
AIMLIGHT® immediately determines the radiant tendency, thus making it possible to make photometric statements on the reflector while it only exists "on the screen". Prototype testing is no longer required, leading to shorter development times and substantial savings for the user. The near-realistic characterization of the photometric distribution has been confirmed in many comparative measurements with real reflectors.

With the photometric
AIMLIGHT® data in the EULUMDAT- or IES-format lighting design can be performed.

AIMLIGHT® can be used to design reflectors allowing for a variety of requirements on photometric distribution and glare limitation.

AIMLIGHT® any desired luminous intensity distribution can be realized.

In order to obtain the desired luminous intensity distribution it is possible, with AIMLIGHT®, to modify the radiant intensity from the edge or the center of the reflector, in fine increments. Depending on the photometric requirements there will be an increase or decrease of radiation from these reflector areas, under the radiation angles chosen. This adjustment is made via two so-called distribution factors.

AIMLIGHT® calculates two-dimensional reflector shapes. The result is presented in the form of X-Y coordinates and as a reflector graph.

A reflector graphic chart is produced showing a limited number of light beams from the light source to the reflector plus the corresponding reflected light beams. This is true both for a point light source and one of finite extension.

The light beams presented are considered to be typical of the totality of light beams emitted.

Numerous standard lamp types are contained in a lamp list and can be inserted into the reflector.

AIMLIGHT® can also take into account the diffusion caused by different surface materials. You are able to choose different texture- and reflection-degrees.

AIMLIGHT® is both available as Standard Edition with coordinate calculation and reflector graphic and Professional and Premium Edition with coordinate calculation, reflector graphic and light distribution.

So you can decide by yourself which scope of services you need.

AIMLIGHT® Standard, contains:
coordinate calculation und reflector graphic

AIMLIGHT® Professional, contains:
coordinate calculation, reflector graphic,
light distribution for rotationally symmetrical reflectors

AIMLIGHT® Premium, contains:
coordinate calculation, reflector graphic,
light distribution for rotationally symmetrical reflectors,
light distribution for symmetrical trough-shaped reflectors

An upgrade to a better version is possible at any time.

Comparison of the different versions
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