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Welcome on the English website of AIMLIGHT® illumination engineering!

On the following pages we would like to present our reflector calculation software

AIMLIGHT® is built on the experiences, demands and requirements of designers of lighting systems and it is an efficient and fast calculation software for reflector development.

Specific advantages compared to other software products:

  • AIMLIGHT® combines reflector design and photometric analysis
  • You will not need any additional calculation programs for reflector development and photometrical analysis any more
  • The photometric data is directly acquired by the parameter inputs or from existing reflector coordinates
  • Creating a 3D reflector model in an external CAD program is not required
  • With AIMLIGHT® you only have one time program costs, clear software handling and very quick calculating and analyzing periods
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Please note, that all screenshots on this page are from the German version of AIMLIGHT®.
There is no English version available at this moment.
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