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Reflector development and photometrical analysis with AIMLIGHT®

Development task:
Close beaming reflector for metal halide lamp HIT 150 W, half-peak divergence approx. 20 °

Size of the luminaire opening 193,5 mm
Focal point from luminaire opening 74,96 mm
Opening in the reflector center Ø 33 mm

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The maximum angle of incidence of 141,6° achieves the required opening in the reflector center. With 0° cut-off angle from reclector border and reflector center a focused light beam is generated. Choose corresponding lamp.
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Choose suitable surface.
Because of very little calculation periods, alternatives can be tested very fast.
The reflector graphic informs about the diffusion of the light rays (maximum cut-off angle) and the shielding angle. Unwanted reflections through the arc can be checked. The photometric analysis shows, that the desired half-peak divergence is achieved with a sand blasted surface (eroding texture 27).
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In the luminous intensity table you can alternatively view the candela-values or cd/klm. With the sum of the zonal lumens from 0-90° the optical efficiency is calculated. The Eulumdat or IES files which are created with AIMLIGHT® can immediately be used in lighting calculations.
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Download EULUMDAT-file
Download IES-file

With AIMLIGHT® reflector calculations can be performed within a few minutes.
For example the calculation of the light intensity distribution for a rotationally symmetrical reflector takes only five seconds on a PC with Intel® Pentium™ III or comparable processor.
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